Testimonials - Wealth Advisor Insitute


Carrick Air Force Regular

Their advisory partner, Alex is not only an adviser to me but we became friends too. Unlike others that I've met, he is not pushy. Able to analyze and recommend what is best for my needs. I trusted him because he trusted me too. He is willing to share with me his knowledge in investment, insurance and even giving me guidance for marriage.

Boon Siong Self Employed

I had torn my ACL and required an ACL recon surgery in Sep 2014. Their advisory partner, Alex assured me to concentrate on recovering from my ACL and not to worry of the medical fees. He keep follow up with me to keep me updated and ensure all my medical fees had been claimed. Great service and attitude. I will definately introduce my friends to their advisory partners.

Fan Civil Servant

I had engaged their investment advisory partner in helping me to plan my personal portfolio and early retirement planning. The advisory partner was professional and advise me in what should I do in order to have my early retirement and also a residual income through investment after retirement. I will definitely recommend my friends to them.

Jordy Internet Marketer

After meeting their financial advisory partner for insurance restructuring and personal wealth portfolio planning. It had greatly reduced my monthly premiums by cancelling policies that I do not need and best of all my total amount of insurance coverage had increased.