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Singaporean adults not planning for retirement

It is alarming to find out the results in the recent survey publish by Channel News Asia that up to 65% of working Singaporeans did not start planning due to lack of knowledge and guidance.

The future is yours to live. If you are not willing to take the first step towards learning, you will only be walking on the same spot or even backward.

For those who already have a trusted adviser guiding you, share around with your close ones. 6 out of 10 of them needs to get started on the correct path.

SINGAPORE: One in three working Singapore adults are not planning for their retirement, according to a survey by Nielsen on Monday (Feb 15).  

Of this group, 40 per cent say they have not done so due to a lack of understanding of the available options. Another 25 per cent say they do not know how much is needed and when to start planning, according to the survey commissioned by NTUC Income. Via

In case you are still searching for a trusted adviser to guide you, contact our financial advisory partners to help you plan your future now.

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