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Early Retirement by saving 10% income

Plan Your Retirement by Saving 10% Of Your Income

Retirement planning isn’t difficult. It also doesn’t mean that you need to save almost entire of your income in order to be able to start planning for retirement. With the assistance of a qualified retirement advisory planner, your retirement planning will be much easier.

Here are some great information to start your retirement planning and earn half a million more by saving 10% of your income.

People sometimes think retirement planning is tough. It takes a long time and requires a lot of money. For example, to achieve the CPF Life Enhanced Retirement Sum and enjoy a monthly income of between $1,770 and $1,920 from age 65 onwards, an individual would need to set aside $241,500 in their CPF Retirement Account at age 55. And if we assume the individual wants to retire at age 55 with a monthly income of $1,800, then the person would need an extra $216,000 to see him through from 55 to 65. How Saving 10% Of Your Income And Your Annual Bonus Can Change Your Retirement Completely

PS: Remember to plan early for your retirement. If you need assistance in retirement planning, you can always contact our professional retirement planning advisory planner

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