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10 Little Known Tips in Managing Your Money

Singapore is rated as one of the most expensive country to stay in. Besides that, most of the basic expenditures had also been increasing for the past few years. With the bad news of retrenchment and possibility of having economy downturn which had been reported lately, it is important to learn how to better manage your finance.

Learn this 10 great little known tips in managing your money.

The beautiful side of the hard work is that I have a much better sense of my purpose in the world. I love being a practicing certified financial planner because it equips me to make a difference in my clients’ lives. I get to help them make all the right moves with money. It is rewarding to watch them achieve the goals we set out together, and I even wrote a book so I could reach a wider range of the population, from the young to the seniors who might not be able to afford a certified financial planner. Read the 10 tips here – Business Insider

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